How do we contact you?

You may either fill in the form on the website or contact us by phone 02 3872327 / 0488 480198 or email hello@thefrenchcakecompany.com all our contact details can be found on the website Contact Us

Can you explain the different types of patisserie you make?

The French Cake Company offer a variety different products tailored to your needs;

  • Single level cakes
  • Multi level tiered cakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Mini cakes
  • Sablés and cookies
  • Custom requirements

What flavours do you offer?

Our cake flavours:

  • Vanilla cake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Almond cake
  • Lemon cake
  • Vanilla genoise
  • Chocolate genoise

Our fillings:

  • Vanilla cream
  • Speculos cream
  • Pralin cream
  • Dark chocolate ganache
  • Milk chocolate ganache
  • White chocolate ganache
  • Caramel chocolate ganache
  • Coffee chocolate ganache
  • White chocolate and raspberry ganache

Our fruit:

  • Strawberry
  • Apricot
  • Cherry
  • Caramelised apple
  • Pear

How big are your portions?

Each portion is typically 120grams in weight, the size and shape of the portion varies by the type of cake you order. We would be happy to provide more information if required.

Can you explain the Ingredients and Allergens?

This information is provided on the website and also with the end product

Do you work with catering companies?

We work with a large number of catering companies in Belgium, may of whom recommend us to their clients. It helps in the success of your event that we wok closely with your caterer and also your venue to ensure all planning and requirements are met.

What is the lead-time for bespoke orders?

We recommend that our customers make an appointment 3 to 6 months before the wedding date. We can however work with shorter lead times, depending on our availability.

Do we need to choose a model from your catalogue?

You can draw inspiration from an existing design or we can create a new design together based on your theme and desires.

What budget should we plan for our bespoke order?

Our wedding cakes are unique and personalised which require time to produce, we try to create a design that respects your budget. Our prices range between 10 € and 20 € per person.

Do we need to meet?

For wedding cakes and large event cakes we offer a consultation meeting for two people, during this meeting we discuss your requirements and planning in detail.

During the consultation you may taste the different cakes and fillings and discuss the design in detail.

You will leave the session with a quotation including the design, cake flavours you prefer and delivery costs allowing you to make your final decision.

We will also follow up if you have further questions after the meeting to help you make your decision.

The cost of this consultation is €60,00 which must be paid prior to the meeting,. Should you decide to order with The French Cake Company we will deduct this from your final invoice.

Can we order without a meeting?

We would be happy to provide you a quotation by email based on a discussion by phone, however you will not be able to taste the cakes. We do ask that you provide as much detail as possible.

You may also fill in the form on our website and attach documents and images of your preferred design.

How big are your portions?

Each portion is typically 120grams. The size of the portion varies by the type of cake you order.

How is the cake delivered?

We recommend having your tiered cake delivered, as the cakes are fragile. Our refrigerated delivery service delivers across Belgium and surrounding countries.

Can we collect our cake?

Yes you may collect your cake, we will make relevant arrangements with you, please ensure you arrive with a vehicle big enough to transport the cake

How do we make an appointment?

All you have to do is contact The French Cake Company at 02 387 23 27 or 0488 480 198 or send an e-mail to hello@thefrenchcakecompany.com with the date of your wedding, location, number of guests and theme. We will get back to you with further information.

How do we pay for our order?

On receipt of your invoice please refer to the payment terms, you may make payment for bespoke cakes by bank transfer to the account and reference details provided with your invoice.

How should I store my cake?

All cakes arrive with detailed labelling explaining storage and consumption requirements. Please follow these instructions carefully, if you require specific information please contact us.

Do you make other types of cakes?

The French Cake Company produces beautiful bespoke cakes for; birthdays, communions, baptisms, weddings and many other events, we also produce cakes for company events; celebrations, launch of a new products, company parties and many more. Please contact us for more information.