List of questions

  1. What is the size of the cakes?
  2. What is the weight of a portion?
  3. What are the different types of cake?
  4. What budget do you anticipate?
  5. What is your address and how to contact you?
  6. How to order?
  7. Do you offer a delivery service?
  8. I'm getting married, how can I order at home?
  9. What are the deadlines for ordering?
  10. How to store my order?

1- What is the size of the cakes?

The Personalised cakes are higher than traditional patisserie, each tier is 10cm high (except for certain  models and specific designs), which allows space to decorate the sides of the cake.

  • Size S, 8-10 parts, diameter 13cm, height 10cm

  • Size M, 10-12 parts, diameter 15cm, height 10cm

  • Size L, 16-18 parts, diameter 18cm, height 10cm

  • Tiered cake 2 levels (S + M), diameters 13cm and 15cm, height 20cm

  • Tiered cake 3 levels (S + M + L), diameters 13cm-15cm-18cm, height 30cm

2- What is the weight of a portion?

  • One piece of cake weighs between 100 and 160g

  • The weight varies depending on the type of cake and the filling.

  • The weight of a cupcake varies depending on the type of cupcake and the ganache, weight from 50g (cupcake + ganache).

  • The weight of a macaroon (macaroon biscuit + ganache) starts from 14g

  • The weight of a shortbread varies depending on the size and thickness. Example: a vanilla shortbread  6cm in diameter weighs approximately 20g.

3- What are the different types of cake?

The French Cake Company offers a range of decorated and personalised patisserie. All our desserts are produced on our premises in Braine-le-Château and by our team of master pastry chefs. We offer the following products: Single and multi-tier cakes, cupcakes, macarons, shortbread and biscuits.

The flavour of cakes are; vanilla genoise (lighter and more neutral in taste than vanilla cake), chocolate genoise (lighter and more neutral in taste than chocolate cake) vanilla cake, chocolate cake almond cake and lemon cake.

We offer different fillings; vanilla cream, speculos cream, praline cream, lemon cream, chocolate ganache (black, white, milk, black, caramel or coffee).  Fruit may also be added, we offer the following lightly poached pieces of fruit, strawberries, apricots, cherries, pears, caramelised apples and pineapple-ginger

4- What budget should I plan for?

  • for cakes: from € 7.00 per piece (minimum of 8 parts)

  • for cupcakes: from 6.00 the cupcake (packaging by 12)

  • for biscuits: from 3,00 € the biscuit (packing by 10)

  • for macaroons: from € 1.50 the macaron (packaging by 10)

5- What is your address and how do we contact you?

The French Cake Company SPRL

Parc Industriel 26A

1440 Braine-le-Château


Company registration number: 0823.654.021


You can fill out the contact form directly on the website


Telephone: +32 2 387 23 27 or +32 488 480 198

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 9h to 18h

Saturday morning from 9h to 11h.

Meetings by appointment only


6- How do I order?

Many of our models can be ordered directly online in our Boutique page.

You have the possibility to choose the design, the size, the flavour, the filling, the message and the date of pickup or delivery (minimum delay of 4 days to create your cake). You then create an account, choose your delivery method Collect & Go (pick up at our premises) or delivery (your order is delivered to your address) and proceed to online payment (credit cards or bancontact).

For personalised patisserie creations (weddings, baptisms, birthdays, communions, corporate events, etc.), you can fill out the contact form or call us on +32 2 387 23 27 or +32 488 480 198. We will follow up and contact you as soon as possible.

7- Do you offer a delivery service?

The French Cake Company offers a delivery service with refrigerated vans throughout Belgium (roundtrip package return).

You may also collect your order directly from our premises, Industrial Park 26A, 1440 Braine-le-Château, weekdays from 9h to 18h and Saturday morning from 9h to 11h.

8- I'm getting married, how do I order with you?

All our wedding cakes are created to measure, according to your desires.

We offer an appointment service for wedding cakes over € 500.00. The appointment is free and includes a sketch of your cake, a tasting of our cakes for 2 people and a full quote.  This meeting is non-contractual. We recommend that you make an appointment 3 to 6 months before the date of your wedding. You can contact us via the contact form, by email at or by phone at +32 2 387 23 27.

When you contact us, please give us the following information:

  • Date of marriage

  • Approximate number of guests

  • Address of the reception location

  • Name of the caterer if already selected

  • For wedding pieces up to 500,00 €, we send you a personalised quote by email

9- What is the leadtime for ordering?

For online orders and cupcakes: minimum 4 days

For wedding mounted pieces: 3 to 6 months before the date of the wedding if possible

For corporate events: we try to accommodate your request as soon as possible according to our availability.

10-How to store my order?

All our cakes come with detailed labelling explaining storage and consumption requirements.