The arrival of the cake is a highlight of your wedding.  Be original with the personalised design of your wedding cake to create that special effect.  Discover our collection of unique personalized creations to help with your inspiratioon.  All creations are handcrafted in Belgium.

There are 184 products.
  • Romantic

    Are you a great romantic?, flowers, hearts, pearls, embroidery, allow us to dream

  • Princesses dream

    Wedding cakes and large tiered cakes like in the movies, at The French Cake Company it's possible. Share with us your most secret wishes, your dreams of cakes fit for a princess

  • Country style

    If the theme of your wedding is cottage style or country chic, here is a selection of wedding cakes that might interest you, the perfect balance with nature

  • Colour

    Are you dreaming a colourful wedding cake?  Let's put colour on your beautiful tiered wedding cake, be bold

  • Vintage / Retro

    You love vintage, art deco, embroideries, pearls and more.  Did you know that we can create a personalised vintage wedding cake just for you

  • Seasonal

    Winter, spring, summer, autumn, each season has its custom wedding cake

  • Modern

    Contemporary, stylish, modern wedding cakes and tiered cakes with no frills

  • Passions / Hobbies

    Your passions and hobbies transcribed on to your Wedding Cake, and why not.  A little originality, a hint of humor and a trick is performed

  • Humour

    You have a sense of humor, it's good, us too. Let us create a tailor-made wedding cake with a touch of humor

  • Gay

    Everyone is entitled to have their wedding cake 100% personalised, we would love to create yours

  • Figurines

    Personalised figurines, shadows, initials, bouquets of flowers, the choice is vast

  • Engagement

    Why not a customised cake for your engagement, with a hint of your wedding theme

  • Anniversary

    Cotton, tin, crystal, silver, gold, diamond and more wedding anniversaries also have the right to their personalized cakes

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