Wedding Cakes

Beautiful wedding cakes created for your special day

Your wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life, a perfect day to share your happiness with those you love. The culmination of the meal, your beautiful tiered wedding cake brings your guests together with gastronomic pleasure.

Our tiered wedding cakes are personalised according to your desires and tastes, your wedding colours or themes, your outfits or other inspiration form your lives.  Majestic, modern, original, romantic or flowery, our tailor-made wedding cakes symbolise your mariage and represent you.

The French Cake Company delivers all over Belgium and surrounding countries. We delivery to the venue of your reception in refrigerated vans and co-ordinate with your wedding planner or catering / event company.

Our pastries are carefully prepared by hand according to traditional recipes, with raw materials rigorously selected for their quality.

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