Colour Wedding Cakes

Our wedding cakes are colourful, just like your wedding party!

Does marriage make you see life in pink?  With The French Cake Company, other bright or pastel colours will colour your wedding cake! You can match your wedding dress or the colour of the clothes of the children of honour, or that of the princess dresses of your bridesmaids. The cake, the apotheosis of your wedding dinner, can also take on the colours of your passion or your favourite flowers.  Your wedding cake can be dressed in a delicate shade of pink or purple for daring originality, turquoise, silver or gold to shine as much as the eyes of the bride ... Your guests will forget this magnificent dessert, which they will also enjoy.  Indeed, the master pastry chefs of The French Company prepare your wedding cakes in colour and your tiered cake according to traditional recipes tested and validated by the most demanding taste buds.  They are also artists who use  inventiveness to create unforgettable decorations and fully personalised figurines, which are of course all edible.

Make an appointment as soon as possible to create the wedding cake of your dreams and taste our delicious cakes (free appointment and tasting for tiered cakes of an amount greater than €500.00)

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