Seasonal Wedding Cakes

Discover our wonderful tiered cakes decorated in the colours of autumn or winter

If you prefer to get married in autumn or winter, The French Cake Company offers to handcraft the cake of your dreams for your wedding matching the season. The autumn leaves with warm orange, red, yellow or brown hues mixed with seasonal fruits, mushrooms or mini pumpkins for a 100% rural and natural decor. Gourmets can choose real seasonal fruit for their wedding cake: grapes, figs, apples, bananas, pears or citrus fruits are perfect for a gourmet and healthy wedding dessert.  Winter weddings are not to be forgotten, The French Cake Company has tailored cakes for the season assembled from 3 to 5 levels or more depending on the number of guests or the size of your venue.  Available in immaculate white, reminiscent of snow and the fall of delicate flakes, or a bright turquoise blue symbolising ice or evoking the universe of frozen with two entwined snowmen.  Endowed with an overflowing imagination and a mastered know-how, our pastry chefs are true dessert artists to make your wedding the most delicious gourmet day of your life thanks to an autumn winter wedding cake.

Make an appointment as soon as possible to create the tiered cake of your dreams and taste our delicious cakes (free appointment and tasting for wedding cakes of an amount greater than €500.00)

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