Wedding Anniversary Cakes

Time passes and flies by without anyone noticing: you feel like you got married yesterday and you are already at the cotton or wood anniversary.

Celebrate your anniversary with greed by bringing together your loved ones and renew your commitment by celebrating the sustainability of your love. Who knows, maybe you will go to the oak wedding, which represents 80 years of marriage! The French Cake Company is a true witness to your mutual tenderness and joyfully symbolises your renewed commitment with tailor-made wedding anniversary cakes. We create the decor you want with your colours and add figurines, animals, objects that look like you. Our cakes are all unique and fully personalised, because each couple is unique! We deliver throughout Belgium in refrigerated vans so our pastry creations keep their freshness. All our pastries are as beautiful to admire as they are delicious to taste.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
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