Wedding Cake Toppers

Finally original and personalised wedding figurines in Belgium

Do you like originality and want an unusual wedding dessert? The French Cake Company is the ally of your creativity to work out with you an exceptional wedding set-up. Indeed, our pastry team are also real artists, capable of modelling and sculpting figurines of all kinds: characters in your image or reminiscent of characters from films or comics, animals, floral decor or leaves, sports accessories, instrument of music.  Our cakes can even stage your car or motorbike or any other object representing your passion or symbolising your love and your union.  Obviously, all the decorations that take place on our cakes are edible, and even delicious.  Because our teams strive to offer you gourmet creations as aesthetic as they are tasting, and our wedding figurines will delight both your eyes and your taste buds! You just have to think about taking a quick photo of your wedding dessert before your guests eat it to the last crumb!

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