Wedding Cupcakes

Our wedding cupcakes are offered in addition to a tiered cake or used to form a tiered creation.

If you prefer to offer your guests individual desserts. On the cupcake display, they look really great, adorned with the colours and patterns you have chosen. Like all desserts produced by The French Cake Company, our decorated cupcakes are fully customisable for your wedding day. Our pastry chefs are at your disposal to create the decor of your choice. They are also real artists who prepare your cakes according to your desires: your favorite colours or your designs, the patterns that adorn your wedding invitations, a logo or why not the reproduction of a photo that is close to your heart? All The French Cake Company decorations and patterns are handmade and of course edible! We deliver to you throughout Belgium in refrigerated vans to ensure the freshness of our products. Our desserts for gourmets will be the highlight of your wedding meal, to impress your guests and help make this day the most beautiful of your life.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
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