Engagement cakes

The engagement is the symbol of your desire to soon embark on the great adventure of marriage.

To joyfully and greedily celebrate this important date in your love story, bring your families and friends together for a meal, the culmination of which will be a delicious engagement cake decorated to your liking. Indeed, The French Cake Company creates bespoke desserts that reflect your desires, perfect for celebrating the joyous events of your life. Our talented pastry chefs with proven know-how, develop cakes and deserts according to traditional recipes, with products rigorously selected for their taste qualities. The also artists gifted with great creativity, they create original decorations and figurines, as good to taste as they are aesthetic. With The French Cake Company, the pleasure of the taste buds is combined with the pleasure of the eyes and the gourmets are all delighted! We deliver our desserts in refrigerated vans to guarantee their freshness and operate throughout Belgium.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
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