Tiered cake with logo

You have a special corporate event and require a unique custom cake with your logo

Call The French Cake Company and the dessert will live up to the event, fantastic and impressive in visual appearance and taste, create the buzz and bring your guests together.

Whether standard or gigantic in size, your personalised tiered cake will be the highlight of the party, fully decorated with the company's logo and colors, the custom-designed cake focuses the attention to remember the event forever, both in vision and taste. 

Each of our pastries is prepared entirely to measure, to perfectly match what you wish bringing the colours and visuals of your company alive.

Your logo is recreated on food paper, totally resembling the digital image or photo you provide us.  The decorations are modelled according to your instructions to harmonise with the logo, to illustrate the brand of your company or to emphasise its values ​​or its involvement in certain projects.

All our desserts are handcrafted according to unique recipes made with high quality ingredients, and decorated by hand. 

Everything is edible, even the characters and décor on the 100% bespoke tiered cake created specially for you, to help you celebrate your business.  But only after having photographed the dessert to commerate your reception!

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items
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