Promotion / Retirement cake

Gourmet desserts personalized to say thank you to your employees

A business where it is good to work stands out with the care and attention paid to employees and the way they manage their teams.  Because, without motivated, efficient, reliable and professional employees, the company will not achieve it's full potential, even if it's products and services are performing well.

With cakes, tiered cakes, cupcakes, cookies and macaroons baked and prepared by The French Cake Company, you can celebrate the life of the company and it’s employees. Take the time to celebrate the promotion of one of your team, a transfer abroad, a retirement or welcoming a new member of staff.

You may also simply wish to reward staff by thanking a particularly successful team or project group with a corporate celebration cake.

The original pastries that we propose are custom made, themed to the person you wish to celebrate, highlighting their passions, the dreams they have often talked about and that they will finally achieve during their retirement, their professional memories, the successes that marked their career.

The decorating ideas of our desserts for professional events are as numerous as the people are different and we adapt to all to ensure we fully customize your cake. Our pastries are all unique, as are your employees.

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