Princess Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes like in films, cakes for princesses or stars also exist in Belgium

If there is a day in their life when a woman can think of themselves as a princess, it is their wedding day. They would, therefore, be wrong to deprive themselves of this moment.  With wedding cakes created by The French Cake Company, princesses can dream at leisure and even indulge in the sin of gluttony! Our wedding cakes are as good to taste as they are to look at thanks to the know-how of our pastry chefs, who combine their mastery of traditional recipes with inexhaustible creativity.

All the decorations and characters that decorate our princess wedding cakes are created or modelled manually with infinite care, like real ephemeral works of art. Our tiered cakes are coloured according to your wishes and rise gracefully over several levels, to symbolize the strength of your love and your commitment on this wedding day. Each of our desserts is unique like every bride, a princess for her special day.

Our handcrafted wedding desserts are delivered throughout Belgium in refrigerated vans.

Make an appointment as soon as possible to create the cake of your dreams and taste our delicious cakes.

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