Customised and personalised cakes and patisserie for company and corporate events.

Communicate differently with cakes in your company to celebrate key milestones and events.

The life of a company is marked by many festive occasions: corporate milestones, staff parties, Christmas parties, seminars, conferences, trade shows, workshops, staff promotion, anniversaries and retirement, launch of new products, signing new contracts or other special dates.

Four good reasons to offer a business cake

Celebrate a key event, surprise your customers, thank your suppliers or motivate your teams, surprise them all with delicious personalised desserts.

Our cakes, cupcakes, cookies and macaroons are personalised with your logo, your message, and your colours, entirely created to your requirements according to the event you are celebrating.

You gather your guests in a friendly way by distinguishing yourself with a very festive original event, which elevates their senses.

The French Cake Company delivers personalised pastries all over Belgium, according to traditional recipes, with raw materials rigorously selected for their quality.

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