Branded Cakes With Logo Perfect for Any Occasion

Discover a world of culinary creativity with our corporate photo cakes and custom logo cakes, the perfect option for an unforgettable celebration or brand promotion. At The French Cake Company, we go above and beyond to create a unique and impactful brand experience.

Corporate Branded Cakes for Every Occasion

Our company image cakes, complete with your business logo, serve as the perfect centrepiece for birthdays, corporate events, product launches, or even as a thoughtful corporate gift. We combine traditional recipes and top-notch ingredients with your company's brand imagery, creating an extraordinary edible spectacle.

Meticulous Artistry in Every Cake

Our seasoned pastry artists are experts in their craft, using the finest quality ingredients to ensure a taste that matches the visual appeal. Your cake company logo is meticulously replicated on the cake, offering a memorable presentation that's sure to impress.

Statement-Making Giant Logo Cakes

Create a buzz at your event with our giant logo cakes. Perfect for birthdays, receptions, and grand occasions, these cakes are tailored to your specific requirements and can serve dozens of people in an array of enticing flavours.

Bespoke Creations for Every Event

From corporate garden parties to B2B receptions, our custom cakes with company logos are carefully designed to align with your event's theme and reflect your brand's ethos. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and deliver cakes that are not just delicious but also mirror their corporate identity.

Prompt, Precise Delivery

We pride ourselves on our punctuality and attention to detail. Each corporate logo cake is created in your chosen size and delivered in refrigerated vans throughout Belgium, ensuring optimal freshness. Rely on The French Cake Company for an extraordinary custom logo cake experience that will leave a lasting impression.