Our Story

Our goal is to create bespoke patisserie, haute-couture desert that exceeds traditional standards. We offer a very high quality product, that looks wonderful and tastes fantastic.Our aim is to work closely with you to deliver something extra to your event, that will bring your guests together around an original and completely personalised desert.Being the highlight of the party during a special moment in your families life, or creating a buzz at a corporate event, our unique and decorated patisserie is there to surprise and enlighten with smiles and wonder.

The Wow that you can eat 

Photo:Laetizia Bazzoni photography

The Team

Dominique van Beckhoven, The Sugar Artist

When people throw a party, magic happens and that’s precisely when Dominique comes onto the scene. To Dominique, a cake is more than just a dessert, it is a decoration, a conversation starter, a backdrop for photos and most of all, a wonderful memory of a very important day of your life.

Richard van Beckhoven, The Boss

Dominique imagines, Richard makes it happened. He manages the company and ensures that everything happens according to plan. He is the hidden part of the iceberg

Pauline Couble, The Sculptor

Pauline takes care of the modeling, the painting, the assembling of our decorations. She comes from art school in Paris and transforms our cakes onto pieces of art.

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