Paw Patrol cakes are very popular at The French Cake Company.

Kids love this TV series and absolutely want a great cake decorated with their favourite dog for their birthday party

Is your son's best friend Chase? What if you ordered a personalized Chase cake?

Does your daughter swear by little dog Skye? Reserve a birthday cake for her with Skye as a decoration.

Does your child love all the Paw Patrol characters? Chase, Ruben, Marcus and Zuma will decorate a delicious personalized cake.

Did you also know that our cupcakes decorated with all the Paw Patrol characters are a bestseller for a school birthday party?

Everyone can choose their favourite cupcake. And no need for knives and forks, everyone has their own little cake!


Book your cakes and cupcakes for a successful Paw Patrol birthday party.

Click & collect at our workshop in 1440 Braine-le-Château or home delivery in Belgium.